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Ribes & Myosotis
I'm told that this is actually a chocolate set. I used it to serve eggnog during the holidays, but that is the first time it has left the shelf, a [...]
Mon, Mar 30, 2015
We continue our feature on Hortus Botanicus in Amsterdam with the second of their three greenhouse attractions - the Palm Greenhouse.The building itself looks new so we were surprised to [...]
Mon, Mar 30, 2015
Today's little vase was prompted by a the sight of the tiny blue flower shown below left, a handful of which were left from bulbs planted in the blue & [...]
Mon, Mar 30, 2015
I recently joined the neighborhood garden club, and attended the March meeting last week. The Greenridge Garden Club is a small group of ladies who all have some connection [...]
Sun, Mar 29, 2015
I have recently joined the Hardy Plant Society . There is a good local group nearby who put on an interesting programme of speakers and there are usually some [...]
Sun, Mar 29, 2015
Birth of a knot garden 025
My recent inspiration hasn't translated itself to the keyboard. It took a new project and a day or so of much-needed rain for me to get up the desire to [...]
Sat, Mar 28, 2015
This popped up in a mature bed and I nearly got rid of it. Sometimes sloth pays. I have no idea what it is, but I see a few of [...]
Sat, Mar 28, 2015
Not so much cunning, but at least it is A Plan – which is more than be said of my cutting bed activities so far. Julie of Peonies and Posies [...]
Fri, Mar 27, 2015
OK, 4 weeks in the nursery is enough. Time for you kids to go out and earn your keep.At two weeks, they were poking their tiny, little shoots above the [...]
Thu, Mar 26, 2015
Towards the end of last year I wrote a post about a crowd funded garden that was being proposed for the RHS Malvern Spring Festival. I am pleased to [...]
Thu, Mar 26, 2015
We continue our tour of Hortus Botanicus in Amsterdam by featuring the first of their three greenhouse attractions - The Butterfly Greenhouse. The other two being the The Palm Greenhouse [...]
Wed, Mar 25, 2015

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